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As a top Insurance Agency, we only do business with the most reputable insurance providers in the industry. Take a look at the providers we work with below to learn more about what we can do for you.

​Riskbuster uses state of the art Underwriting, Administration and Policy Management systems which allow us to ensure that we can properly, accurately and correctly administer the business entrusted to our care.

We comply with the FAIS Act provisions which places stringent requirements to ensure your data is safe.

We regularly audit our systems and processes to ensure that we can cope with almost any eventuality, identify short comings, and correct them timeously.

New National

New National Assurance Company Ltd

We are SA’s largest empowered insurer, an insurer of scale with a proven track record of 50 years

In all things, we are shaped to be uniquely South African – resilient in the face of adversity, brave and filled with pride.

We provide quality service in over 20 classes of insurance which we provide to South African individuals and businesses operating in the country and in the wider SADC region.

Above all, in a world of anonymous call centres and bureaucracy, we are committed to always being people you can talk to.

And most importantly,

  • We are authentic.
  • We believe in the broker partnership model and work hard to service and work with you, rather than against you.

How We Operate

  • We are people moving forward with purpose.
  • Purpose in how we run our business.
  • Purpose in how we work with our partners.
  • Purpose in how we interact with our communities.
  • We want to move forward with you.

This is not an empty promise. Our approach to partnerships has been consistent – it’s part of Our

DNA, and we seek to have partnerships filled with mutual respect, trust and accountability.

For us, partnerships can never be for the short-term – they must benefit all parties and be for the long haul.

Leadership team

Our Leadership team

We deliberately operate a very flat structure. We take decisions quickly, but never rashly. We are experienced technicians with a deep understanding and experience of insurance and risk – but we also want to remain businessmen and entrepreneurs at heart.


Our Strength

We’ve been ‘A’ rated for 11 consecutive years (Global Credit Rating, 2011-2021) -and this puts us at the Top End of our peer group.

This is important for us – because we want our rating and financial stability to allow you as a potential partner to pursue partnership with us bravely, and with confidence.


Our Claims

We pay claims. Our 50-year track record of paying claims was proved in 2020 when we paid, in cash, an average of R71 million monthly to clients, suppliers and financial institutions. During Covid 19, unlike other insurers we honoured our CBI claims, without question.